Microsoft 'renewing focus on PC gaming'

Xbox exec Phil Spencer also praises Valve's commitment to the platform

Microsoft will renew its focus on the PC as a gaming platform, according to Xbox corporate vice president Phil Spencer.

Speaking at GDC, Spencer praised Valve's unwavering PC support, before saying Microsoft intends give the platform more attention too, Edge reports.


"[Valve has] been the backbone for PC gaming for the last decade when you think about the work that they've done," said Spencer. "As the Windows company I appreciate what they've done.

"In a lot of ways they've focused more on PC gaming than we have, and for me that's something inside the company that we'll have a renewed focus on - Windows and PC gaming inside of Microsoft is definitely happening - you saw the DX12 demos here and you will see more from us over the summer."

Microsoft revealed the next generation DirectX API at GDC and noted that DirectX 12 will work in some form across all Microsoft platforms. Turn 10 made an appearance at GDC to showcase Forza 5 running on PC with Direct3D 12 at 60 frames per second.

In February 2013 Jason Holtman, who spearheaded Valve's Steam business for eight years, joined Microsoft to focus on "making Windows a great platform for gaming and interactive entertainment".

A key aspect of Holtman's role was to revitalise the flagging PC games platform following Microsoft's high-profile closure of the PC Marketplace section on However, Holtman left Microsoft just six months after joining.