Microsoft issues Xbox Live service alert

Gaming, social and purchasing features currently limited on Xbox One and 360

Microsoft is currently working to fix problems with Xbox Live connectivity.

The company has issued an Xbox Live service alert, acknowledging that there's currently limited gaming, social and purchasing features available on the online platform.


The issues are affecting both Xbox One and Xbox 360 players. The ability to buy and use DLC is currently limited, as is the ability to access certain game features, capture game videos and connect to other Xbox Live members in online games.

The company says: "Are you having trouble purchasing content with CSV credit? We've got you covered, Xbox members! Thanks for your patience while we work toward a fix. Check back in 30 minutes for an update on our progress."

Another statement reads: "If you are having trouble using certain game features in Forza 5, this is due to a scheduled maintenance taking place right now. Thanks for being patient. We'll let you know as soon as this work is complete."

Xbox Live core services and the website are up and running as usual, as are TV, music and video services.