Dust 514 update released, brings new equipment and rebalancing

Eve spin-off FPS receives Uprising 1.8 patch

CCP has released an update for its PS3-exclusive Eve spin-off, Dust 514.

Titled 'Uprising 1.8', the patch brings new heavy and light dropsuits, new cloaking equipment, new sidearms and a full equipment, weapon and dropsuit rebalancing.


Here are the full patch notes:

Path to Game and Overall UI

  • Inline skill book purchasing added back to the marketplace.


  • War Point rewards for vehicle damage have been reintroduced.


  • Added Caldari, Gallente and Minmatar Heavy Frames. This includes Basic, Sentinel and Commando roles for each faction.
  • Added Caldari and Amarr Light Frames. This includes Basic and Scout roles for each faction.
  • Base stats have been adjusted for all Medium Frames. This includes Basic, Assault and Logistics roles.
  • For full details of the dropsuit changes, please see the dev blogs available on the DUST 514 website.


  • Added Caldari Magsec SMG.
  • Added Caldari Bolt Pistol.
  • Added Gallente Ion Pistol.
  • Mass Driver:
    - Increased base direct/splash damage from 242/116 to 300/145.
  • Laser Rifle:
    - Increased effective range and increased damage at short range, reduced heat cost at ADV and PRO tiers.
    - Improved zoom FOV.
  • Time-to-kill (TTK) improvements:
    - Proficiency skills of handheld weapons now grant 3% damage per level to either armor or shields (depending on the relevant weapon's profile) rather than a flat increase to both.
    - Damage mods have been reduced to 3%/4%/5% bonus to weapon damage from 3%/5%/10% previously.
    - Base damage has been reduced on the following weapons: Assault Rifle, Scrambler Rifle, Combat Rifle, Rail Rifle, Submachine Gun.
    - Grenade count has been reduced by 1 for all grenade types.


  • Added Cloak Field equipment.
  • Altered stats of existing equipment:
    - Active scanner cooldown times increased. Scanner functionality changed to now perform "snapshot" scans in order to stop 360 degree spins.
    - Range on repair tools reduced.
    - Drop uplink spawn times increased.
    - Nanohive nanite supply reduced.


  • Altered existing skills for Assault, Scout, Sentinel, Commando and Logistics roles:
  • Assault [5% reduction to PG/CPU cost of light/sidearm weapons per level]
    - Caldari Assault: +5% to reload speed of hybrid railgun light/sidearm weapons per level.
    - Gallente Assault: 5% reduction to hybrid - blaster light/sidearm hip-fire dispersion and kick per level.
    - Minmatar Assault: +5% to projectile light/sidearm clip size per level.
    - Amarr Assault: 5% reduction to laser weaponry heat build-up per level.
  • Logistics [5% reduction to PG/CPU cost of equipment per level]
    - Caldari Logistics: +10% to nanohive maximum nanites and +5% to supply rate and repair amount per level.
    - Gallente Logistics: +10% to active scanner visibility duration and +5% to active scanner precision per level.
    - Minmatar Logistics: +10% to repair tool range and 5% to repair amount per level.
    - Amarr Logistics: 10% reduction to drop uplink spawn time and +2 to maximum spawn count per level.
  • Sentinel [+5% damage resistance to splash damage per level]
    - Caldari Sentinel: 3% shield resistance to hybrid - blaster weapons, 2% shield resistance to laser weapons per level.
    - Gallente Sentinel: 3% armor resistance to hybrid - railgun weapons, 2% armor resistance to projectile weapons per level.
    - Minmatar Sentinel: 3% shield resistance to laser weapons, 2% armor resistance to hybrid - blaster weapons per level.
    - Amarr Sentinel: 3% armor resistance to projectile weapons, 2% shield resistance to hybrid - railgun weapons per level.
  • Commando [5% reduction to reload speed of light/sidearm weapons per level]
    - Caldari Commando: +2% damage to light hybrid - railgun weapons per level.
    - Gallente Commando: +2% damage to light hybrid - blaster weapons per level.
    - Minmatar Commando: +2% damage to light projectile and explosive weapons per level.
    - Amarr Commando: +2% damage to light laser weapons per level.
  • Scout [+15% reduction to PG/CPU cost of cloak field per level]
    - Caldari Scout: +5% bonus to dropsuit scan radius and scan precision per level.
    - Gallente Scout: +5% bonus to dropsuit scan radius and 5% reduction to scan profile per level.
    - Minmatar Scout: 5% bonus to hacking speed and Nova Knife damage per level.
    - Amarr Scout: +5% bonus to stamina regen and maximum stamina per level.

    Planetary Conquest

  • Locking a district will now ensure the attacker loses clones and ISK when there is no battle.

    Factional Warfare

  • Adjusted the battle spawning so that factions will need to spend more time defending their districts proportionally to the number of districts they control.


  • Improved performance on certain maps that had a high installation count.
  • To ensure parity with EVE Online support, customer support for DUST 514 will now only be offered in the following languages: English, Russian, Japanese, and German.

More information on specific guns and equipment is on the official site.