Portal coming to Nvidia Shield

Android portable gets native port of Valve's acclaimed puzzler

A port of Valve's critically acclaimed first-person puzzle game Portal will be released for Nvidia's Android portable console, Shield.

Valve and Nvidia announced their partnership today, which will see the PC classic get a native release on the portable, 'coming soon'.

"Nvidia has created a very powerful and unique device with Shield," commented Valve's Doug Lombardi in the announcement. "Our companies have a strong history working together and we're looking forward to Portal's arrival on Shield."

Portal is a first-person puzzle game that challenges players to work their way through a series of chambers using a Portal gun. Players shoot blue and and orange portals onto walls, passing through them to overcome a vast number of intricate physics and logic-based puzzles.

With no further information given, it seems safe to assume the game will be a direct port of the PC original, released in 2007.

Portal will join some 300 Shield-supported Android games natively playable on the high-end portable device.

Nvidia recently announced plans to introduce "GameStream-ready" PCs and routers in an initiative designed to simplify the process of using its wireless game streaming technology.