DriveClub game director Col Rodgers quits Sony

Departure not connected to studio layoffs

Sony's delayed PS4 racer DriveClub has lost its game director Col Rodgers.

The developer confirmed his departure from Evolution Studios today via Videogamer, as he makes the jump to the indie scene with his new studio, BigRedSwitch Games.


Rodgers says his departure is not connected to a round of layoffs reported earlier today, which affected Evolution Studios among other Sony UK groups.

Sony confirmed to CVG on Tuesday that it had commenced a restructuring operation at Evolution Studios, as well as Sony London Studio and Killzone: Mercenary developer Guerrilla Cambridge.

According to Rodgers' LinkedIn profile, he served almost a year and a half as game director on DriveClub before departing in March 2014.

Rodgers now lists himself as managing director of BigRedSwitch Games, which is described as a "developer generating new IP and available for hire for licensed work across all platforms".

An official Facebook page for BigRedSwitch Games teases, "We've got some great games in production - watch this space!"