Plants vs. Zombies 2 Far Future update arrives March 27

Will introduce new world map, plants and zombies

EA and PopCap will launch the long awaited Plants vs. Zombies 2 Far Future update this Thursday, March 27.

The update will introduce a new futuristic world map alongside eight fresh plants and ten new zombies.

The iOS version of the free-to-play title launched globally in August 2013, while the Android edition followed suit in October.

Guided by returning neighbour Crazy Dave, the sequel sees players using plants to defend themselves against waves of zombies from their backyard, but this time the settings span the reaches of time.

PopCap says the game has been designed from the ground up as a "live service", with new worlds, levels, plants, zombies and ways to play set to be released on an ongoing basis.

Like 2009's original Plants vs. Zombies, the sequel is expected to be released on a host of platforms eventually, but PopCap has yet to announce launch windows for PC and console versions.


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