First Wii U Virtual Console GBA games dated and priced

Eight titles releasing in April, each costing £6.29 (up to $7.99)

Nintendo has detailed April's line-up of Game Boy Advance games set for release on Wii U Virtual Console.

Each title will be priced at £6.29 in the UK, while North American pricing will differ based on the game.


Advance Wars ($7.99), Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga ($7.99) and Metroid Fusion ($7.99) will debut on April 3. They will be followed by Kirby & The Amazing Mirror ($6.99) and Wario Ware Inc: Minigame Mania ($6.99) on April 10, F-Zero: Maximum Velocity ($6.99) and Golden Sun ($7.99) a week later, and Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3 ($7.99) on April 24.

North America will receive an additional title, the NES game Super Mario Bros. 3 ($4.99), on Wii U and 3DS Virtual Consoles on April 17.

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Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced plans to launch GBA games on Wii U Virtual Console during a Nintendo Direct presentation in February.

Later that month, two Namco games previously released on GBA were certified by the Australian Classification Board. Nintendo was listed as the publisher of Mr Driller 2 and Klonoa: Empire of Dreams, which have never been re-released since they originally hit GBA, suggesting they're likely to be among the first batch of third-party GBA titles released on Wii U Virtual Console.

Nintendo has yet to confirm whether 3DS will also receive GBA titles through its Virtual Console service. Ten free GBA games were given to early 3DS adopters as part of Nintendo's 3DS Ambassador Program, but at the time the company said it had no plans to make them available for general sale.