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The Super Nintable and other extreme console mods

By Chris Scullion on Wednesday 26th Mar 2014 at 3:45 PM UTC

We've already covered the best custom console designs, but there are some special individuals who take things even further.

These people don't just slap a new lick of paint on their consoles, they completely alter them until they look nothing like their original design.

Sometimes they'll build extra decorations and attach them to the console, to transform its appearance. Other times they'll open the entire system up, remove its innards and fit them into a completely different case.

Why? Different reasons. Sometimes it's for practicality - a handheld GameCube can be handy. Other times it's quirkiness - a toaster that plays PlayStation games, for example. And sometimes, just because they can.

Here are some of our favourite extreme console mods. If you've seen better ones feel free to link to them in the comments below.

(note: we've credited the creators where possible - if you spot a mod that's yours and we haven't credited you, let us know and we'll edit the article accordingly)