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Sony broadens DriveClub release date to 'TBA 2014'

Project now likely to miss first half of 2014

Liverpool outfit Evolution Studios will ship DriveClub at some stage in 2014, according to a new blog published by PlayStation.

The article, which lists all currently known PS4 games scheduled for release this year, segregates each game by season, but beneath those segments is a broader 'TBA 2014' list for projects that are still expected to be far off.

DriveClub features in that list, despite previous indications that its release date would fall in the earlier stages of 2014.

The broadened release window comes after it emerged that DriveClub's game director, Col Rodgers, has left the company, amid new reports of layoffs at the company.

Sony announced in October that Evolution Studios' DriveClub project, which was originally planned to ship along with the PS4 in November, was delayed until further notice.

In January, it was teased that the new DriveClub release date would be announced "shortly", though the announcement never came to pass.

Then in March, a Sony representative claimed that the studio "went back to the drawing board" with the project, suggesting the delay was enacted to make fundamental changes.

Despite the success of the PlayStation 4 - with more than six million units sold, more than 14 million games sold and at least half its customer base subscribing to PS Plus - parent company Sony has spent the past several years trying to regain profitability by shrinking its cost base.

As part of that plan, the Tokyo headquartered company recently announced it was planning to cut 5000 jobs.

Key developers and executives have departed amid layoffs at US studios such as Sony Santa Monica.

In August 2012, the PlayStation business closed its Sony Liverpool studio.