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Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Cassette locations guide

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Chico's Tape 1

Mission: Intel Operative Rescue
Simply complete the Intel Operative Rescue mission to receive this tape.


Chico's Tape 2

Mission: Ground Zeroes
In the Administration building area, climb the ladder to a raised walkway and follow it along to the watchtower, then grab the tape from the desk inside.


Chico's Tape 3

Mission: Ground Zeroes
This tape is received automatically after extracting Chico to the helicopter.


Chico's Tape 4

Mission: Ground Zeroes
After extracting Chico to the helicopter, head to the area with tents on the west of the camp near your original infiltration point. Deal with the guards then pick up the POW near the portaloos and extract them via helicopter.
NOTE: If you rescue Paz before Chico you won't be able to locate this POW.


Chico's Tape 5

Mission: Ground Zeroes
In the northwest corner of the Administration building area, beyond the stairs down into the boiler room, the tape is sat on top of the bins down an alleyway.
NOTE: You need to collect this tape before rescuing Chico from the old prison area.


Chico's Tape 6

Mission: Eliminate the Renegade Threat
In the area where you originally entered the camp during the Ground Zeroes mission, there's a single storey white storage building with a red door. Pick the lock then grab the tape from the corner behind some shelving.


Chico's Tape 7

Mission: Destroy the Anti-Air Emplacements
Head to the boiler room area where Paz was held during the Ground Zeroes mission, to find another prisoner. Extract them via helicopter and complete the mission to receive the tape.

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