Mutant Mudds dev to Kickstart 'new console game' on April 2

Renegade Kid teases crowd funding campaign for new project

Mutant Mudds developer Renegade Kid is working on a new console game for which it will seek crowd funding next month.

The developer has announced that it will launch a Kickstarter campaign on April 2 for the unannounced title, but offers no further hints as to what the game may be.


Renegade Kid, founded by veteran game developer Jools Watcham, is noted for its challenging 2D platformer, Mutant Mudds, which made its debut as a 3DS eShop title before being ported to numerous other platforms including PC, iOS, Wii U, PS3 and Vita.

The studio was previously best know for its 2007 DS survival horror game, Dementium: The Ward, and its 2010 sequel Dementium II.

Watsham has confirmed back in January 2013 that the studio was working on Mutant Mudds 2 for 3DS. That game is expected to release in 2014, but nothing has been said since.