Football Manager Classic 2014 dated for Vita

Users can play a single continuous game on their computer and handheld thanks to cloud save features

Sega and Sports Interactive have confirmed a Football Manager Classic 2014 release date of April 11 on Vita.

Announced in August 2013, the game is the first in the series' history to let owners carry on a single continuous game, whether at home on their computer or on the go with Vita (or vice versa), thanks to the title's cloud save features.


FMC 2014 is also the first mobile game to feature the series' 3D match engine.

FMC is a streamlined mode that was added to FM 2013 on PC and Mac. The Classic component of Football Manager 2014 is already available for PC, Mac and Linux.

Sports Interactive studio director Miles Jacobson has said of the Vita game: "It has all you'd expect from FM - our huge database of players researched by a team of over 1,500 scouts around the world, a 3D match engine showing the action, a full tactics module, realistic transfers, AI that makes both players and managers act as you'd expect them to in the real world, and dozens of playable leagues, with hundreds of manageable clubs from all over the world, but has been streamlined for a faster playing experience."

FMC 2014 has been co-developed by Sports Interactive, its sister development studio Hardlight and Sheffield-based Little Stone Software, with support from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

Shahid Ahmad, senior business development manager at SCEE, said: "For years, the dream of many Football Manager fans has been to be able to enjoy a full version of their favourite game wherever they are. Sports Interactive and SEGA have realised that dream on the Vita, and we at PlayStation are delighted with their ground-breaking results."