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The trailer for the most ridiculous game this year is just delightful

For many, the wait will soon be over. Goat Simulator is mere days away now.

Originally designed for a laugh by Sweden-based Coffee Stain Studios during a game jam, Goat Simulator was such a popular idea that the developer decided to make it a full product.

It will (rather aptly) be released on April 1, but just in case the name Goat Simulator wasn't enough to have you jamming your fist into your wallet and fumbling for your Mastercard, Coffee Stain Studios has released this ridiculous launch trailer.

Chances are it may be familiar to a number of gamers, particularly those who remember a critically acclaimed trailer for a not-so critically acclaimed open-world zombie FPS.

Here's the original 'inspiration', just in case you forgot about it (or have no clue what we're on about).

Hopefully Dead Island developer Techland will see the funny side and this parody trailer doesn't get their goat. Sorry (not sorry).

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