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Hex Heroes on Wii U billed as 'the world's first party RTS'

Kickstarter project plans indie cameos and Grant Kirkhope soundtrack

A new Kickstarter submission has been launched in a bid to raise funds for a Wii U game that's being billed as "the world's first party RTS".

Hex Heroes is being developed by Arizona studio Prismatic Games and will support up to five players.

Up to four players will control characters on the TV and will take on a number of typical RTS tasks such as harvesting resources, building structures, fending off enemies, and exploring new areas.

Meanwhile, a fifth player with the GamePad will have an overhead view of the environment and will make executive decisions (upgrading stats, making new types of building) based on the resources that have been gathered by others.

There will also be a single player mode - in which the GamePad player retains the overhead view but also controls two characters on the TV - but Prismatic stresses that the title will be more entertaining when played co-operatively.

A total of eight different classes will be playable in the game. Four have been revealed already: knight (average attack and defence, good armour), woodcutter (faster harvesting and building), scout (faster movement) and rogue (low health but can set traps).

Prismatic has also reached out to other members of the games industry, some of whom have already agreed to lend their expertise to the game. Legendary Rare composer Grant Kirkhope (Donkey Kong Country, GoldenEye) will provide the musical score, while the developers of Guacamelee, Mutant Mudds and Steamworld Dig have agreed to let their characters feature as cameo skins for in-game characters.

Hex Heroes has a Kickstarter goal of $80,000. At the time of writing it has reached $5,100 with 28 days still to go.