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Vita system update 3.12 released

Mandatory download improves system stability

Sony has released Vita system update 3.12.

According to the platform holder, the latest Vita system update "improves system stability during use of some features".


PlayStation Universe notes that the update is mandatory, so users will need to download it if they want to access features like PlayStation Store.

Earlier this week, Sony released Vita system update 3.10, which added a range of new features to the handheld.

It increased the maximum number of apps displayable on the home screen from 100 to 500 and introduced voice messaging, enhanced parental controls, a calendar and more user control over memory card usage.

The new calendar application allows users to sync with their Google Calendar, as well as share events and game session schedules with friends.

Having launched in Japan in October 2013, Sony released the Vita Slim model in the UK on February 7 priced at around £180. The new model will launch in North America "this spring" with a $199 Borderlands 2 bundle.

Combined PSP and Vita sales during Sony's second financial quarter ended September 30, 2013 came in at 800,000 units. That figure rose to two million handheld sales in the holiday quarter ended December 31.