Nintendo life sim Tomodachi Collection looks set for European release

Survey suggests popular Japanese 3DS game is due in the west this year

The 3DS version of Tomodachi Collection (Friend Collection) appears to be set for release in Europe.

According to multiple online accounts (via Tiny Cartridge), Nintendo of Europe has been distributing a Tomodachi Collection survey to select customers, introducing the game and requesting feedback.

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The survey includes a number of English-language screenshots, indicating that the game has already been localised with a view to release.

Released only in Japan to date, Tomodachi Collection is a life simulation game similar to The Sims or Animal Crossing.

In it, players guide their Mii character through life, ensuring they've got friends, food and clothing, and that they're satisfied with their lot.

The series has been a commercial success for Nintendo in Japan, with the 2009 DS original selling 3.67 million copies and its April 2013 3DS sequel moving over 1.8 million copies to date.


The survey also provides a full description of the game, introducing Tomodachi Collection to European readers:

Welcome to Tomodachi Collection for Nintendo 3DS: a living world in your pocket, made of people you know!

Tomodachi Collection is unlike any videogame you have ever played, where you decide who should be part of your game. Will it be your best friends?Your parents? Your crush? Or maybe your favourite actor? You get to choose who lives in this vibrant community!

Create a Mii character or each person you want in the game. Pick a voice and personality, and watch your Mii character come to life. Sometimes they will act astonishingly close to real life, yet other times they will behave in completely unexpected ways. Regardless, you'll find it hard not to laugh!

Take care of your Mii characters and understand their needs. You will receive many different rewards that you can spend on customising your community even further. And, as the game progresses, unique relationships will form: your Mii characters could fight over the most trivial things, become best pals, or even fall in love!

Nintendo recently announced that a Tomodachi Collection stage will feature in the 3DS version of Smash Bros. 4.