Alien Isolation release date set for October 7

Creative Assembly and Sega announce date at EGX Rezzed

Survival horror game Alien: Isolation will release on October 7.

Developer Creative Assembly and publisher Sega announced the release date for the first-person title at EGX Rezzed on Saturday. It's planned to launch on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.


"We couldn't be happier to finally announce a date for Alien: Isolation," Creative Assembly creative lead Alistair Hope said in a statement. "The reaction we have seen so far has been simply incredible, from the screams and shrieks to the cold sweats and racing hearts. It's the Alien game that we've always wanted to play and we can't wait to let everyone get their hands on it this fall."

Alien: Isolation stars series heroine Ellen Ripley's daughter. Much like her mother's first encounter with the hostile alien species, Amanda Ripley becomes stranded with a xenomorph stalking her at every turn.

In CVG's early preview, Rob Crossley said "dreadfully intense hide-and-seek encounters appear to be at the heart of the gameplay."

The latest trailer for the game highlights the reactive artificial intelligence which drives the alien's hunting instincts.