Amazon may reveal game streaming device on April 2

Firm to provide "an update on video business" at press briefing

Amazon may take the wraps of its long rumoured game console/set top box during a media briefing on Wednesday, April 2.

Various publications including The Verge have received invitations to a New York press briefing during which Amazon intends to provide an "update on our video business".


The event will take place at 11am ET (8am PT/4pm UK) and the invite tips an appearance by Peter Larsen, vice president of Amazon's Kindle division.

Amazon has reportedly been developing a new media streaming platform since April 2013. Recent reports have suggested the device will come in dongle form similar to Google's Chromecast and that it could go on sale in April.

In addition to video streaming, TechCrunch sources said to be familiar with the company's plans have suggested the device will offer support for streaming top tier PC games at 30fps from Amazon's server farms.

Amazon acquired Double Helix Games' talent and IP in early February. The development studio most recently revived Killer Instinct for Microsoft and Strider for Capcom.

The studio's first project for Amazon will target "avid video game players", according to a job listing posted on the retailer's website in late March.


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