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Square Enix will focus more heavily on JRPGs, core audiences

Firm's president says global projects can lose focus

Square Enix will focus more heavily on JRPGs after "global" titles missed the mark and "niche" titles surprised.

The company's president Yosuke Matsuda told Nikkei Trendy (translated by Siliconera) that Square's games built for global audiences often lost their focus.


"If you focus too much on the global aspect, you might lose sight of who you're actually making the game for," Matsuda said, using Hitman: Absolution's mainstream concessions as an example.

"As for the AAA titles we're currently developing for series, we basically want to go back to their roots and focus on the core audience, while working hard on content that can have fans say things like 'this is the Hitman, we know'," Matsuda said. "I believe that is the best way for our development studios to display their strengths."

Square Enix's new direction was inspired in part by the international success of Bravely Default. The title, co-developed with Silicon Studios, was made as a JRPG without compromises, which ended up increasing its international appeal in the long run, according to Matsuda.

"With that in mind, and all of the collective fans, there's a sense of mass, which loses the image of a niche market," he said. "For the new games we'll be developing from this point on, while this may sound a bit extreme, we've been talking about making them as heavy JRPGs. I believe that way, we can better focus on our target, which will also bring better results."


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