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Splinter Cell director leaves Ubisoft for WB Montreal

Patrick Redding joins Batman: Arkham Origins studio

Splinter Cell Blacklist director Patrick Redding has left Ubisoft for a position at Warner Bros. Games Montreal.

Patrick Redding directed the Splinter Cell Conviction project

Redding, who was also director on Splinter Cell Conviction and narrative designer on Far Cry 2, has not announced what project he will work on at the new studio, though his Twitter bio and LinkedIn profile confirm the move.

Warner Bros Games Montreal opened in 2010. It released its first major project,Batman: Arkham Origins, in October - the series was previously handled solely by London outfit Rocksteady.

With Batman: Arkham Knight slated to close out Rocksteady's trilogy on October 14, it remains unclear whether WB Games Montreal will continue the series on its own.

The Quebec studio announced that it will add 100 jobs over the next five years, thanks in part to a $1.5 million grant from the regional government.

"This Warner Brothers studio here in Montreal only opened three years ago but it is growing rapidly," WB Montreal studio chief Martin Carrier said in October.

"In five years' time the executives here expect that this studio will be on a par with every other Warner Brothers studio."