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Vote for the best (and worst) gaming April Fools' Day jokes

From delightful to dreadful and all that's in between

There's an inevitable debate in the office every year between those who love April Fools' Day and those who loathe the thing.

Some say it's harmless fun (Scullion), while others think it's a day where the lamest jokes are given unnecessary oxygen (me).

The truth is we're both right wrong. Scores of emails and water-cooler moments have cited some of the smartest gags in circulation today, along with mentions of some truly smarmy efforts.

So this is all on you now.

Below we've posted all the gaming April Fools' Jokes we've come across today, and open up the chance for you to vote for your favourite (and least favourite). The funnier/better you think it is, the higher the number it deserves.

Have fun!


Nintendo Virtual Boy oh Boy

The red-capped monotheists at Nintendo Life have come upon images of the Virtual U - an Oculus Rift style device that proves Nintendo was both right and wrong when it invented the Virtual Boy.

"This headset will offer support for specially developed software on the Wii U, but will also be compatible with the as-yet-unannounced Quality of Life platform," the site says.

Bonus points go to Nintendo Life for inventing the phrase "Super Reality", something which blurs the line between the absurd and a genuine possibility.

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    1: Google Pokemon

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    3: Year of Waluigi

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    4: Blizzard's lamest do battle

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    5: Donkey Kong MMOde

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