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Infamous Second Son patch to add optional FPS cap

Time-of-day and HUD options also planned

Infamous Second Son developer Sucker Punch plans to release a patch which will let players lock the framerate, adjust time-of-day, and disable the HUD.

The optional frame rate cap will let players lock their games at 30 frames per second. Infamous Second Son otherwise runs with an unlocked frame rate, meaning it may exceed 30 frames per second depending on the scene.

Players will also be able to disable the in-game user interface at will, for greater immersion or cleaner screenshots. Lastly, Sucker Punch will also allow players to change the time-of-day in the game at will, going from misty morning to deep night in near-future Seattle at the flip of a switch - though only after they complete the campaign.

"We're all working hard to release these updates as soon as we can," producer Brian Fleming wrote on the PlayStation Blog. "Time-wise, the earliest we could have the patch and new features ready is about two weeks from now, so stay tuned for another update - we'll let you know as soon as they're ready to go live."

A day-one patch for the game kicked off an episodic side story dubbed the "Infamous Paper Trail" which will unfold through the beginning of May.

In our Infamous Second Son review, we said it has "flashes of excellence, but overall it feels a little too familiar."