Killzone Shadow Fall's first paid DLC 'Insurgent Pack' released

Expansion out in US today, EU tomorrow, for $10/£10 - trailer

Guerrilla Games has released the first paid Killzone Shadow Fall DLC expansion, the 'Insurgent Pack'.

The add-on, available today, April 1, in US and April 2 in UK for €9.99/$9.99 (no additional cost to Season Pass holders), brings a significant selection of new content, including a new 'Insurgent' character class, new abilities, three new weapons, a new harder 'Elite' difficulty mode for the single-player campaign, new online collectibles, trophies and a new Insurgent skin pack.

The developer has released a launch trailer to show off the new content:

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Alongside the new Insurgent character class, the expansion also includes:

Elite Mode -- have you got what it takes to complete the single-player campaign with only three lives and the difficulty ramped up to the max?
Insurgent-themed Automata skin
Spotlight Moves pack
Voice-over pack
Collectible hunt -- a new way to play multiplayer and get rewarded, as you hunt for limited collectibles

A more comprehensive list of new content is here.

The Insurgent Pack is the first paid DLC expansion for Killzone Shadow Fall, since all map packs released for the game will be free to everyone who owns it.

The first of those free DLC maps, The Hangar and The Cruiser, were released in March.