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Thief save data corruption bug being investigated

Some PC, Xbox One and PS4 players reportedly affected

Square Enix says it's investigating a Thief bug that's corrupting save data for some players.

On April 1, affected PC, Xbox One and PS4 users reported manual saves disappearing or becoming corrupted, while some also lost older saves.

The bug appears to be date related, Game Informer reports, as the problems can apparently be resolved on Windows 7 systems by setting the date to April 2, although this isn't said to work on other computers or consoles.

Square Enix said in a statement issued to the site. "We're aware of an issue that seems to be affecting some Thief players, preventing them from completing some levels.

"We're taking this very seriously - as a first step we're reading as many reports of the issue as possible, working to replicate it internally, so that we can understand what's causing it.

"We're sorry for any disruption to your game today, and we'll update you as soon as we have more information."

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