PS Vita Pets release date set for June

Pet simulation game is the latest title from EyePet studio Spiral House

PlayStation Vita Pets will let players go on portable adventures with digital pups on June 3 in North America and June 4 in Europe, Sony announced Wednesday.

UK studio Spiral House, which developed EyePet and EyePet Adventures on PSP, is handling development duties. The game was originally announced to include augmented reality features, much like the EyePet series, but Spiral House has yet to detail what they'll be.

The pet simulation game will begin with a choice of four puppies. After picking their preferred canine friend, players can use the standard array of care and play options - bathing, feeding, teaching tricks, playing fetch - as training aids.

"By training your dog's nose to sniff out buried treasure you'll be able to dig up clues and artefacts that will open up new areas of the world, each containing more hidden goodies, new challenges and puzzles to solve," Spiral House creative director Kevin Oxland said.

"You'll visit dark caves, abandoned mines, an ancient maze and eventually you'll be able to make your way to the centre of Castlewood Island, where the king's greatest treasures are hidden."

Players will also find each pet has a unique personality and traits, which they express through several thousand lines of spoken dialogue. Yes, the dogs talk.

The game will be available in retail and downloadable from the PlayStation Store.