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The best and worst Mario Kart tracks

By Chris Scullion on Thursday 3rd Apr 2014 at 10:47 AM UTC

"Aw, not this one". The words uttered by many a Mario Kart player when a track they don't like shows up during a multiplayer match.

There is nothing that unites and divides gamers like Mario Kart tracks. Some will swear blind that Wario Colosseum is the most beautifully designed racetrack of all time, challenging even the Nurburgring for sheer devilishness. Others will blow a well-aimed raspberry at that notion, instead referring to it as "a big mess of hatred".


For over 22 years Mario Kart's tracks have encouraged debate and now, with Mario Kart 8 just under two months away, we've decided to finally draw a line under things and give you the definitive list of the ten best and ten worst courses in the series' history.

It's worth noting we haven't included any of Mario Kart 8's courses in here yet. Though we've played it extensively (read our massive Mario Kart 8 preview for our hands-on impressions), a player's opinion of a Mario Kart track can only be properly shaped after thousands of playthroughs and tense multiplayer battles. So while, in time, Mario Kart 8's offerings may feature in either of these lists, for now the jury's out.

Here, then, is our definitive list of the ten best and worst Mario Kart tracks ever. You can argue with us and post your own alternatives in the comments below if you like, but do bear in mind you'll be wrong and these are definitely the right answers.


The best Mario Kart tracks ever

The worst Mario Kart tracks ever