Amazon reveals $99 Fire TV micro games console

Miniature device streams games, TV shows and films

Online retail giant Amazon has revealed Amazon Fire TV, a micro-sized set-top box that streams movies, TV shows, games and more.

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The device, revealed at a press event on Wednesday, behaves in a similar way to Apple TV and Roku streaming player. Subscribers are given a range of content to stream directly to the device.

Amazon executive Peter Larsen said the corporation wants to "invent and simplify" in the rapidly evolving content stream space.

The small device carries 2GB of memory, a quad-core processor, a dedicated GPU and Wi-Fi support built in.

"It's tiny, incredibly powerful, and unbelievably simple," Larsen said, adding that the device offers three times the performance of Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast devices.

Amazon Fire TV runs on Android, and its operating system cites sections for movies, TV, games, apps and photos.

Larsen also listed a number of games studios ready to support the device, from Sega to Telltale Games, Disney, Ubisoft, EA, 2K Games and more.

Due to the specifications of the console, high-end console games will not usually be possible on the Amazon Fire TV. It is said the average price of a game will be under $2.

A $40 games controller is sold separately, and comes with "Amazon Coins" (in-game currency).

Amazon games boss Mike Frazzini said customers could use their remote, their phone or tablet as a controller.

He went on to showcase an Amazon fire TV version of Minecraft, along with Gameloft's Asphalt 8, before confirming the company is building its own games.

A new IP called Sev Zero was then demonstrated. The game is a third-person shooter similar to Gears of War.

"At Amazon Game Studios, Sev Zero is our first step at building games from the ground up," Frazzini said.

Amazon's Fire TV is available in the US now.