Video: A peek at upcoming Amazon Fire TV games

Showreel offers a look at Amazon Game Studios projects

Amazon has released a showreel video offering a sneak peek at some of the game its game development studios are working on.

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The Amazon Game Studios showcase features multiple titles, many of which, oddly enough, have not been officially detailed.

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"Amazon Game Studios is making creative, fun games that are built from the ground up for Kindle Fire tablets and Fire TV," says the developer.

The only Amazon Game Studios title officially detailed is Sev Zero, a futuristic third-person shooter which has launched alongside the $99 Amazon Fire TV micro console in US today, April 2.

During a press presentation today the company also showcased an Amazon Fire TV version of Minecraft, along with Gameloft's Asphalt 8.

Amazon Fire TV is a new Android-powered micro-sized set-top box that streams movies, TV shows, games and more. The small device carries 2GB of memory, a quad-core processor, a dedicated GPU and Wi-Fi support built in.