Free MMO racer World of Speed has no paywalls, says dev

Get the best cars "and not have spent a single penny"

Massively multiplayer online racing game World Of Speed will not only be free to download and play, but users will never have to face a paywall to progress through the game.

Developer Slightly Mad Studios, which is also working on the anticipated racing sim Project Cars, says that its free MMO racer will not adhere to the typical traits of free-to-play gaming.


"It's not free-to-play, it's free," says creative director Andy Tudor. "It's very obvious when you start putting walls into your game that require people to pay money to get over. I don't know why games do it; we're certainly not going to do that, ever," he said, via Edge.

Tudor also pledged that the game will not feature any pay-to-win elements, and that players will play comfortably to the peak of their in-game career without spending any money at all.

"It's also annoying when another player gets an advantage because they've put money into the game," he said. "We will never have a super-nitrous pack that will allow somebody to accelerate away from you.

"We expect you to get to the upper echelons of the game, with the best kit and best cars, and not have spent a single penny."

Slightly Mad Studios has spread its resources over two car games planned for release this year, World of Speed and the more sim-orientated Project Cars.

According to Slightly Mad, World of Speed will feature an "endless garage of cars" including standard 'city runners', super cars and iconic cars from the history of auto racing.

Real-life tracks will be included, based on global locations including London and San Francisco.

"World of Speed is about taking all this stuff that we're really quite good at in terms of cars and graphical fidelity and handling, and trying to make it palatable for a much wider audience," lead developer Pete Morrish told CVG when we recently looked at the game.

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