GameSpy online services shutting down May 31

Dozens of games to be affected by closure

GameSpy Technology will shut down all online hosting services for multiplayer games on May 31.


The Glu Mobile-owned service announced on its website that it will "cease providing all hosted services for all games still using GameSpy" and recommended that concerned players contact publishers for more information.

GameSpy says more than 800 developers and publishers made use of its services over more than a decade online, including Capcom, Nintendo, Electronic Arts, Epic, Ubisoft, and Konami. Nintendo previously announced plans to cease online services for Wii and Nintendo DS, which made use of GameSpy Technology, on May 20.

Titles like Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Online, which rely on GameSpy's servers as a backbone for remote multiplayer, will need to move to another service or go offline for good. Capcom said in a statement to Polygon that it is "evaluating migration solutions and will have more information in the near future."

Activision and Epic Games both said the move will not hinder their respective catalogs.

GameSpy Technology is a separate entity from the Ziff Davis-owned GameSpy gaming news website, which ceased operations in February 2013. Glu ceased licensing out GameSpy software as of January 2013.