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Twitch launches 'Group Chat' in beta

Create private chat rooms separate from main chat

Twitch has launched a new 'Group Chat' feature in beta form, which allows users to create private chat rooms.

Group Chat is a new function on the Twitch game streaming service that lets users create a private, invite-only chat room that exist separately from the main chat channel within which spectators comment.


Currently in open beta, the feature is only available to members of the Twitch Partner Program, but those users can invite anyone they please to their chat rooms.

"The beta period is necessary to ensure that Group Chat is stable and scalable before we roll out room creation to everyone," said the firm in an announcement. "We've been working hard on shoring up the QoS of our chat service in general, and we are keen to roll it out to the rest of the community as quickly as we can."

Twitch live streaming was recently added to the updated Xbox One Twitch app. The Xbox One hosted 108,000 unique Twitch broadcasters within its first week of streaming, which accounted for 22 per cent of the service's total broadcaster base during that period.

The Xbox One's most broadcasted game is Titanfall, with 10 million minutes (or about 20 years) of Respawn Entertainment's online shooter broadcasted so far. The average length of a Twitch broadcast on Xbox One is 28 minutes.


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