Xbox One external game storage 'coming soon'

No news on introducing localised Kinect voice commands in new territories though

Xbox One support for external game storage will be introduced in the near future.

Answering questions on Reddit, Xbox Live director of programming Larry 'Major Nelson' Hryb said: "External game storage is coming soon.... I need to check on media support."


Asked whether there'll be a limit to external storage like Xbox 360's 32 GB, he replied: "When I have details on that, I'll let you know."

Hryb also said that he couldn't provide on update on when Microsoft will introduce localised Kinect voice command support in additional countries like Ireland.

Former Xbox chief product officer Marc Whitten said in early March that introducing support for external hard drives is one of the company's main priorities for future Xbox One system updates.

"We value all of the feedback we're getting from you," he said. "We know external hard drive storage is another big one on your list, It's on our list too. We're working on that for a future update and will keep you posted."

April's Xbox One update will include new game save features and friend notifications, plus improved Kinect and game DVR functionality.


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