Video: The sound of Alien Isolation

"What you can hear might just be the key to your survival"

The Creative Assembly has released a new Alien: Isolation developer diary video focused on the importance of sound in the upcoming survival horror game, from the iconic motion tracker to the orchestral score.

Alien Isolation stars movie series heroine Ellen Ripley's daughter. Much like her mother's first encounter with the hostile alien species, Amanda Ripley becomes stranded with a xenomorph stalking her at every turn.

"Sound is a massive component of any horror experience," creative lead Al Hope says. "In our game sound is critical, because when you're hiding in the dark what you can hear might just be the key to your survival."

In late March, publisher Sega announced an Alien Isolation release date of October 7 on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Read CVG's early impressions of the game in this Alien isolation preview.

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