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Retro Vault: Final Fantasy VIII, MK Double Dash, Bruce Lee

Plus: The 32X and the Earthworm Jim cartoon

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January 1985 - Bruce Lee ad (CVG issue 39)

If you've never experienced of joy of delivering a well-placed flying kick directly into an obese man's stomach, then you've never played Bruce Lee.

Developed by California-based studio Datasoft, Bruce Lee was a 20-stage action platformer in which the player, as Bruce, had to collect lanterns to unlock doors, all while avoiding two enemies - the Ninja and the Green Yamo (the aforementioned tubby bloke).

While this makes it sound like a platform-based Pac-Man clone, what made Bruce Lee so much better than this was Bruce's ability to fight back with punches and jump kicks.

What's more, every time you hit an enemy they would recoil back, meaning an expert Bruce Lee player could deliver a well-timed punch o kick to send an opponent flying into one of the many hazards dotted around each area.

Bruce Lee was released on a bunch of home computers, including the ZX Spectrum, C64, Amstrad CPC, BBC Micro, PC and Apple II. What we wouldn't give for a graphically enhanced remake.

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