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Transformers Universe trailers reveal Catapult and Shellshock

Jagex has released teaser trailers showing two new Transformers Universe characters, Autobot Catapult and Decepticon Shellshock.

Coming to PC in summer 2014, Universe is a massively online tactical action game (MOTA) set in the world of Transformers.

The free-to-play title, which will be supported by microtransactions, tasks players with recruiting and managing a squad of bots and battling others.

Players can sign up for beta access now on the Transformers Universe website.

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Catapult: She moves in the shadows with the strut of a notorious gunslinger and reads cross-winds like a circling hawk. Place Catapult at long range with her Phase Chamber primed, sniper rifle cocked and license-to-terminate activated; she'll drop her mark grill-down in the dirt for keeps. A mysterious loner, the only trace this Autobot exists is a tag scratched into every 'Con she dispatches to the scrapyard.

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Shellshock: Retirement was never one of Shellshock's plans: he's been holed up in his armory feverishly waiting for the call. Faceplate-deep in munitions and customizing his beloved miniguns, he ensured burst rates, muzzle velocities, calibers and cartridges all got a little love. A career killer, you won't have to ask him twice to rejoin the fight. Put this slayer in mid-range with a directive for destruction and Shellshock will have a blast every time.


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