The Elder Scrolls Online launches with cinematic trailer

Bethesda has sent over a new The Elder Scrolls Online trailer to coincide with the game's release on PC and Mac today.

"Tamriel faces annihilation," reads the blurb that accompanies the cinematic trailer, which is titled 'The Siege'. "Molag Bal has claimed the Imperial City while the alliances, locked in a bitter conflict with one another, struggle to seize the Ruby Throne from the clutches of Oblivion."

While today is the official Elder Scrolls Online release date, those who pre-ordered the digital edition directly from Bethesda's online store received five days early access, while anyone who pre-ordered from a retailer had three.

"We are grateful for the overwhelming response to The Elder Scrolls Online," game director Matt Firor said today. "With five million people registered for beta, it's clear that a large number of fans are eager to jump online and experience everything the game has to offer. We couldn't be more excited to get it into everyone's hands."

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Xbox One and PS4 versions of The Elder Scrolls Online will be released in June 2014. Bethesda has confirmed that the PS4 version of the game will not require a PS Plus subscription to play, while the Xbox One version will require an Xbox Live Gold membership.