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Comments of the Week

Your finest, funniest and oddest comments over the past seven days


I'm sceptical of Oculus Rift's mass appeal, says Xbox co-founder

"I can see the potential in VR. Say me, in the UK, and Toa, in Finland, fancy a trip to the Louvre. We could do it without leaving our front rooms. That is a way the social aspect can be integrated into something like FB. We can still go Tomb Raiding as gamers, but it opens up ways of socialising that current PC's etc can't do on FB." - Tailisjoy

"Yep, and how about a virtual trip to E3 every year! Or a VR tour of the SCE, Sega and Nintendo HQs in Japan. Or if you're looking for something more offbeat and wilder - the CVG office on a Friday night..." - toaplan

I guarantee if you're going to use the Oculus Rift to experience the CVG office on a Friday night you will definitely end up with motion sickness.

VOTE: Game of the Month

"Not played any of them so my vote goes to Streets Of Rage" - Rattlecat

...Is the correct answer. Always.

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil demo released

"A demo's all you'll need if you're playing as England." - EvilDog77

Better you saying that than me.

Infamous Second Son patch to add optional FPS cap

"For some odd reason, when I read that headline, I thought there was going to be a patch for a First Person Shooter mode. Somehow with a cap. I think I need to go to bed early" - swirly80

You saucy devil.

Xbox One update brings OneGuide, universal remote to Smartglass

"funny thing is Sky support is the killer feature which will make me get an X1. Not bothered with games or anything but I just want to say "XBOX, Babestation"" - robjd

You know you've got Internet Explorer on that thing?

Call of Duty: Ghosts Devastation DLC gameplay video

"isn't it about time eminem had his mouth washed out by his mother?" - deathvalleydemon

Don't get him started again, he's only just made up with her.

Metro next-gen remasters rumoured

"If it was both games at 60fps with all the beautiful bells and whistles of the PC verison, this would be a day one for me. Frickking love this game. Finally got round to reading the book the other day. Well worth a punt, if you like distopian futures" - WHERESMYMONKEY

And who doesn't like dystopian futures?

Retailer lists The Last of Us Complete Edition for PS4

"The chances of it being 1080p and 60fps with upgraded textures is pretty much nil. 720p maybe..." - BarkerIsOnFire

Remember this comment when/if it's eventually confirmed, folks.

Layoffs at Murdered: Soul Suspect dev Airtight Games

"Look on the bright side; it's better than "Murders at Layoffed: Soul Suspect dev"." - raredevice

Ooooft, you're awful.

EA COO apologizes for 'stupid' Wii U Frostbite April fools joke

"Releasing games half finished = OK.

April Fools jokes = UNACCEPTABLE." - TheLastDodo

BOOOOM! HEADSHO... ah, hang on, disconnected again.


Hands-on: Why Mario Kart 8 is fast becoming the most exciting Nintendo game in years

"Sigh.........So many grown men with little boy and girl syndrome. GROW UP! Moooooooove on. If you buy this for your kids more power to you and way to bring them into the fold but if your over 30 years old and "dying" to get your hands on this...........SMH." - Darkbane

Enjoy your Mortgage Advisor Tycoon: Paperwork Edition.

VOTE: Game of the Month

"No one should have bought Ground Zeroes doesn't matter how good it is it's extremely poor value for money and should therefore not be endorsed as not to set a precedent for this sort of bulls**t I'll get it when it hits the bargain bin £12.99 is the maximum I'm willing to pay." - silent moose

I love how specific you are. £13.49? NO SALE, KONAMI.

Ubisoft will continue to support PS3 and Xbox 360 for years to come

"I've thought the series was a bag of s**t since the beginning. Couldn't believe the above average scores that the first game got. I felt so ripped off for buying it. Have played a couple of the sequels and was left with a similar impression and that it one of complete boredom. I hear Black Flag is a big improvement but they said that about AC2." - Rattlecat

Still though, French revolution eh?

Square Enix will focus more heavily on JRPGs, core audiences

""To forgive and forget means to throw away dearly bought experience." -Arthur Schopenhauer

I will certainly remember what Squenix, Crapcom and other big game developers have done in recent years. No amount of good games can wash away the filth stuck to their greedy little fingers." - sh4dow83

The phrase 'damned if they do, damned if they don't' springs to mind.


Off The Record 16: Can Mario Kart 8 save Wii U?

"I don't know if it is financially possible... or financial suicide. But Nintendo could knock the price of the Wii U down to 100 quid like the new Amazon Console, add it DLNA and the ability to play MKV files. And announce some new hardware releasing in 2 years time that will be capable of driving a VR headset (I don't think even the PS4 is actually up to this at present) and promise that the new hardware could play the games that you buy for the Wii U.

But that is probably financially impossible." - jimbrizzy

Aye, probably.