Batman Arkham Origins DLC screenshot shows new 'XE Suit'

'Cold Cold Heart' expansion out April 22

Warner Bros. Interactive has released a screenshot of Batman's new 'XE Suit' that's coming to Batman Arkham Origins as part of the 'Cold Cold Heart' DLC expansion.

Due out on April 22, the DLC expansion will bring a new open-word quest to the game with a 'focus' on Mr. Freeze, as previously teased.


Among Batman's new gear in the DLC is the XE suit, designed for extreme conditions in response to the super-cold weapons of Mr. Freeze and his goons.

WB Games' VP of Production Ames Kirshen said of the upcoming DLC, "It's like a mini chapter in the game. If you guys played and saw Initiation, it was more like a challenge map that had a little narrative wrapped around it. This is actually in-game mission story content with a brand new story wrapped around Mr. Freeze in the Arkham Origins setting."

Check out a short cinematic teaser trailer for the DLC, released in February.