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Watch Dogs recommended PC specs listed

Steam pre-order bonus and Deluxe Digital Edition also detailed

The recommended Watch Dogs PC specifications have been listed on Steam.

While the page in question is currently inaccessible, Joystiq report that the game's Steam page recommends an Intel Core i7-3770 processor running at 3.5 GHz or AMD FX-8350 X8 processor running at 4 GHz, 8 GB of RAM, an Nvidia Geforce GTX 560 ti or AMD Radeon HD 7850 graphics card, and 25 GB of available hard drive space.

Additionally, those who pre-order the game through Valve's digital marketplace ahead of the Watch Dogs release date of May 27 will receive access to the Blume Agent Pack, which comes with an outfit and weapon modifier which reduces recoil. Those who upgrade to the Deluxe Digital Edition of the game will receive bonus content including extra missions, costumes and gameplay tweaks.

In March, the game's creative Jonathan Morin announced the official Watch Dogs minimum PC specifications. Asked how the PC version of the title compares to the console ones, he said: "PC on very high setting is really stunning if you ask me. As for density it also very high of course."

The highly anticipated open-world game was originally scheduled for release in November 2013, but it was delayed due to quality concerns.

Last month, a senior figure at Ubisoft Montreal told CVG the studio would have been forced to axe "several" Watch Dogs game systems had the title not been pushed back.

Ubisoft's VP of creative, Lionel Raynaud, revealed that the development team even considered saving these specific systems for a Watch Dogs sequel, but ultimately decided that the additional development time required to implement them would be worthwhile.


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