Respawn working on Titanfall bugs following matchmaking update

Recent patch has resulted in some players struggling to find games

Respawn has dialled down the effect of a recent Titanfall matchmaking update while it addresses issues some players are having finding games.

A recent Titanfall patch was designed to lead to more evenly balanced online battles. Respawn said last week that the Titanfall update meant matchmaking may take longer than was previously the case as it sharpens the focus on grouping together teams based on skill levels, rather than purely prioritising speed over quality.


"FYI: we turned down the effect of the new matchmaking to help players find games while we work on fixing bugs and making improvements," the studio said on Monday.

The update, which went through a beta testing phase, was applied to public Attrition and Hardpoints modes last week, with other game types to follow.

It also splits up competing teams when there is a "clear winner" between two competitors. "This means if one team is dominating, we will update the skill for all of the players and then find each team a better suited match for the next round," Respawn explained. "This should end some of the frustration with playing for extended periods when you're having an off night."

While the Xbox One and PC versions of Titanfall launched on March 11, the delayed Xbox 360 Titanfall release date is today, April 8 in North America and April 11 in Europe.


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