Outcast devs take to Kickstarter to fund remake

Original creators reunite to rebuild classic PC adventure, and maybe a sequel

Key developers behind the classic PC adventure game Outcast have launched a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund a remake.

Outcast is an action-adventure game released for PC in 1999. It garnered acclaim for being among the first fully 3D games to offer a vast open-world to explore and non-linear, free-roaming gameplay. With advanced AI, voice acting and an intricate story, it earned a great deal of critical praise.


Fresh3D Inc, a team comprised of creative director Franck Sauer, gameplay advisor Yves Grolet and technical director Yann Robert - all part of the original Outcast development team - acquired the rights to Outcast from Atari in July 2013, and has now revealed plans to completely rebuild the game for modern PCs.

"We recently acquired all the rights to the Outcast franchise, and that was a prerequisite to start anything Outcast related," the devs say on the Kickstarter project page. "We believe in a close relationship between the developer and the player, something only independent development can provide.

"[PC] is the place Outcast was born in, and it is the place we will make this new experience happen first and foremost."

The funding goal is set at $600,000. The team has said all objects, textures, environments and characters will be entirely remade from scratch. Numerous stretch goals have also been set, including a Mac/Linux version at $750,000; DirectX 11 enhancements at $950,000; VR support at $1 million; and next-gen console versions at $1.35 million.

Should the funding reach $1.7 million the French outfit will introduce a brand new world called 'Kizaar'.

"We cannot help but think with your help we could build an entirely new world on top of the redesigned original. Designed to take fully advantage of the new technology and character designs, and providing you with an entirely new region to explore, discover and interact with, this stretch goal will also feature brand new quests and dialogues."

Fresh3D has also indicated that there may be more in store for Outcast beyond the remake: "Our goal with this reboot is to broaden the audience by bringing new players into the Outcast world, while rewarding the Outcast community with a beautiful modern version of their favorite game. When that is successful, we can start thinking about a campaign for a full fledged Outcast 2.

"If the Kizaar stretch goal is obtained, one can say this is a first glimpse at Outcast 2 starting there."