The Crew release date set for fall 2014

Ubisoft releases gameplay premiere trailer

Ubisoft's online racing game The Crew will release in autumn 2014.

The publisher made the announcement Tuesday, after which it distributed The Crew's official gameplay premiere trailer. The video shows a group of racers blitzing through the game's seamless interpretation of the continental US.

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The PC, PS4, and Xbox One title was originally set to release in the first quarter of 2014. Ubisoft pushed The Crew back to mid-2014 in October.

The Crew features a persistent online world that lets you group up with friends and play as a crew in races and events. Players can customize their cars to participate in multiplayer street races, skill challenges, and cross-country endurance tests.

A Golden License plate challenge offers in-game rewards for players who find certain codes scattered across The Crew's pre-release promotional materials.

CVG said in its first The Crew preview that the game "already looks more promising than both Sony and Microsoft's flagship next-gen racers".