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Video: Fortnite's looting, shooting, building in action

A new video for co-op shooter Fortnite shows its looting, building, and fighting systems.

Released as part of Game Informer's May cover reveal, the trailer and ensuing coverage are the best look at the game since it was unveiled in 2011.

It's described as "a co-op sandbox survival game" that has players scavenging for resources to build fortifications as they battle for survival against hordes of monsters.

Though it's built on a core of third-person combat that will be familiar to Epic Games fans, players will find themselves up against unscripted challenges that emerge from enemy behavior and their own preparation - or lack thereof. Fortnite will include multiple campaigns "of varying lengths" across procedurally generated worlds.

The game will also include player vs. player battles, though it remains focused on cooperation.

In April 2013, Epic Games VP Mark Rein told CVG that Fortnite "might be the best thing we've ever done".

Alpha sign-ups for the game are open now.

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