EA's Dawngate MOBA enters community beta

Registration open to all

Dawngate, a new MOBA from Electronic Arts and Waypoint Games, is free for all in "community beta".

Interested players can register on the game's official web site, download the PC client, and start playing immediately. A new trailer showcases how EA hopes to appeal to MOBA fans while upending genre staples like set roles for individual characters.

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Dawngate sets two teams of five characters, called "shapers," against one another. Its map currently uses two lanes instead of the standard three, and each match concludes with a boss fight against the enemy's Guardian instead of a static building.

"We wanted Dawngate to look and feel like a true MOBA experience, but add something fresh and new to the core design by offering a flexible Meta to gameplay," Dawngate lead producer Dave Cerra said in a statement. "We feel that giving players the freedom to tailor each Shaper's role to their own personal play style makes a powerful impact in the overall experience and sets Dawngate apart."

EA has not yet addressed the Dawngate's business model. However, players can award "Blessing" loot drops to allies and foes for good behavior.