H1Z1 teaser site points to imminent Sony Online Entertainment reveal

Trademark registration lines up with newly found teaser website

Sony Online Entertainment may be close to revealing details on a new project, rumoured to be titled H1Z1.

The H1Z1 site, spotted yesterday by PC Gamer, corresponds with a trademark application filed by Sony Online Entertainment in January.

While little is known about the title, SOE president John Smedley teased a series of images on Twitter in January which pointed to what some have speculated is a survival zombie game.

These theories are supported by the H1Z1 trademark, which references a 2009 internet hoax which riffed on the H1N1 swine flu virus.

Finally, John Smedley posted on Twitter yesterday that gameplay footage from an unannounced game will be aired "between 5-6pm PST".

While SOE has traditionally developed titles exclusively for PC, both EverQuest Next and Planetside 2 are also releasing for PlayStation 4. DC Universe Online launched on PS4 in November.