Chaos Reborn Kickstarter adds playable demo

Ken Levine appears in playthrough with X-COM creator

The Kickstarter for Chaos Reborn has added a multiplayer demo, and BioShock creator Ken Levine has shown his continued support by appearing in a video playthrough.

The project is led by Julian Gollop, based on his 1985 ZX Spectrum game Chaos: The Battle of Wizards. Gollop is best known for designing PC strategy classic UFO: Enemy Unknown/X-COM: UFO Defense, the inspiration for Firaxis' XCOM Enemy Unknown.


The game casts players as a lone wizard with a small but powerful collection of spells. Through single-player and multiplayer adventures, wizards take down rivals by summoning and commanding creatures in turn-based battles.

Though Gollop plans to release the game by spring 2015, a prototype version of its online multiplayer is available now. Levine, Gollop, and YouTuber UnstableVoltage show off a three-player game of Chaos Reborn in the video below.

Gollop is seeking $180,000 in funding, with just under $140,000 pledged and seven days remaining in the campaign. Backers who pledge $20 or more to the campaign will receive a digital download of the game for Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Levine remains head of the significantly shrunk Irrational Games, where he plans to work on "narrative-driven" digital games "that are highly replayable".

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