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First Titanfall Xbox 360 review scores published

Critics say Bluepoint Games has done a solid job porting Respawn's shooter

The first Titanfall Xbox 360 review scores have been published online to coincide with the game's release this week.

While the outsourced Xbox 360 edition was originally due to launch alongside the Respawn-developed Xbox One and PC versions on March 11, the shooter's release date was delayed twice, most recently to April 8 in North America and April 11 in Europe.

Bluepoint's Daryl Allison, senior producer on the game, said last week that Titanfall on Xbox 360 "is the true experience", and going on early reviews critics tend to agree.

Our colleagues at OXM scored the game 9/10, the same as the Xbox One version, saying: "Bluepoint kicks anxiety to the curb with a smart, efficient port, that's fundamentally the same as Titanfall on Xbox One. If you can't afford a new console, save your pocket money for this."

Game Informer's 9/10 review says: "The 360 version of Titanfall holds up well as an overall experience, even though it is undoubtedly the worst way to experience the game, reflected in a quarter-point drop in score compared to the Xbox One and PC versions... Players who have not yet made the jump to a high-end PC or new-gen console have a competent way to play one of this year's most exciting games, and that's a chance that shouldn't be missed by quibbling over visual hang-ups."

Xbox Achievements awards the game 88/100. "There's a lot to be said for the inherently fun, shooty mech action that Titanfall has to offer, and considering this was touted as a next-gen experience, you can get the effectively same on your 360 for all intents and purposes. Kudos, Bluepoint."


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