World of Tanks average revenue per user outpaces other MMOs, research suggests

Team Fortress 2 comes in second place, report claims

World of Tanks generates more monthly average revenue per user than any other major MMO, according to a report from a game-focused research company.

Superdata, which specialises in research on free-to-play and digital games, has produced a report claiming that active players of Wargaming's military title spend more per month than those playing other MMOs.


On average, World of Tanks players spend $4.51 per month on microtransactions, with Valve's Team Fortress 2 in second place with an average of $4.36.

Games lower in the list include DOTA 2 ($1.54) and League of Legends ($1.32).

Superdata stresses that the image above doesn't show a 'top ten free-to-play games' list, nor does it suggest World of Tanks generates more money in total than any other MMO.

It also reminds that "the average revenue per user can vary drastically, even within a single game's user base, from one geography to the next", suggesting that titles bigger in regions like Asia such as League of Legends can rely on a smaller average spend per user because of the sheer size of the userbase.

As an example, it states that with an active monthly userbase of 9.1 million, World of Tanks' average of $4.51 revenue per user means a total of just over $41 million revenue per month. Meanwhile, although League of Legends players only spend an average of $1.32 a month, the game's active monthly userbase of 58.5 million results in over $77 million being spent in total.