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Nintendo's multi-million selling Tomodachi Life confirmed for western release

Nintendo's bizarre 3DS life sim Tomodachi Collection: New Life will be released in Europe and the US on June 6, the company has announced.

Released only in Japan to date, the Tomodachi Collection series is Nintendo's take on the life simulation genre, much like The Sims, and has reached sales of about 5.5 million units.

In it, players become guardians of their Mii characters, ensuring they've got enough friends, food and clothing, and that they're satisfied. As in Animal Crossing, they can also take screenshots of the various encounters their Mii gets up to and share them online.

A new pre-recorded Nintendo Direct video has been published to announce the game's release, showing off some of the game's bizarre cut-scenes, which can be seen below.

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The game will be renamed Tomodachi Life for the west.

The series has been a proven commercial success for Nintendo in Japan, with the 2009 DS original selling 3.76 million copies and its April 2013 3DS sequel moving 1.82 million copies to date.

Nintendo had previously claimed it couldn't release the DS version outside of Japan because a large portion of the game consisted of auto-generated synthesised speech. While it was possible to do this with the Japanese language, which is made up of specific syllables, the complexities of western dialect made this more difficult.

However, the video shows a fully localised English language version of the game, complete with synthesised speech.

CVG has already spent some time with the English language version of the game: you can read more about it in our Tomodachi Life preview.


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