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Meet the new boss: Xbox head Phil Spencer video interview

Microsoft's new head of games discusses his career and vision for the future

It's no secret that many on the CVG team consider Phil Spencer's appointment as head of Xbox one of the smartest decisions Microsoft's games division has made in recent years.

This is a man who is rooted in games development and studios, who joined Microsoft in 1988 as a coding intern, whose career developed as he worked with various Xbox game development teams, eventually progressing to head of Microsoft Studios.

The Xbox PR teams know he brings a sense of legitimacy and sincerity back to a brand which had become increasingly toxic during the Xbox One's launch year, which is perhaps the reason why the company has published a one-on-one interview with the exec on YouTube.

In the interview, Spencer discusses his roots at Microsoft, touches on his vision for what he wants Xbox One to deliver, and shares his personal views on his latest favourite games.

Take a look:

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